Compulsory Insurance by State Regulations

The compulsory Occupiers’ Liability Insurance Scheme is designed to provide financial relief against legal liability for death, injury and property damage to third parties resulting from hazard of collapse, storm and flood from the ownership of a building.

It also provides the mandatory Insurance for public liability resulting from; Damage to the property of the public and Injury or death to member of the public.


The Scheme is designed to provide succour to persons or successors of persons who die or sustain bodily injury and/or damage to property as a result of accident, collapse or other occurrences at project sites.

plant all risk

The compulsory Health Care Professional indemnity Insurance is designed to provide relief to victims and their relatives in the event of involuntary murder, disability, shock and injury suffered by patients as a result of mistakes, negligence and acts of commission and omission of healthcare providers and institutions.


It covers damage to third parties property and injury or death to such third parties.