Corporate Social Responsibility

At RAIP, we consider certain values integral to our business and these values drive our decisions. We value

  • Our Commitment to provide excellent service to our customers, with integrity, at all times
  • Improving our immediate community (and the nation)
  • Assisting our staff to thrive professionally and personally

We understand that the way we engage our customers, affect not only our organisation but also our community and business environ. We ensure that by meeting our present business needs, we do not neglect or hinder the future generation from meeting their own. Our Corporate Social Responsibility goal is to add value to our community and nation at large.

We believe that our immediate community (and nation) should benefit from our presence. We operate an inclusive strategy and therefore encourage our employees to volunteer towards activities that align with our CSR objective.

Our Focal Areas

RAIP’s CSR agenda is focused on

  • Infrastructure Building
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Community outreach & Charity projects
Infrastructure Building

RAIP actively supports the government’s efforts in developing the country’s physical infrastructure. We are happy to undertake small projects around us, e.g. road repair and renovation, beautification and landscaping amongst others.

Youth Empowerment

We are committed to educating, empowering and inspiring the youth, through effective and innovative value adding activities. We encourage and reward academic excellence by offering guidance, mentorship and job opportunities for exceptional students.

Charity Projects/Outreach

We believe strongly in giving back to the community and caring for those in need. Our outreach programs represent an opportunity for us and our staff to give back to the community. Every year, we visit and donate money and gift items to many charitable organizations.