Coffee for the Soul

This write up started with coffee on my mind. It was hitherto named “Soul Coffee” before it changed to what you see above.

In my not so past life, I was a great coffee addict! I don’t drink coffee like “normal” people, I chew coffee- beans and grounds-, I would chew coffee the whole day and forget completely to eat. Coffee was my solution to everything in life. Its funny that even when I couldn’t sleep, I would chew coffee and sleep well. Tooth ache= coffee, neck ache= coffee and it really healed my soul. (or so I thought at the time)

I always had a huge jar of coffee around me. I can, till this day, tell where the coffee is from just by smelling it. I would tell people proudly, “that smells like Ethiopian coffee, that is definitely Kenyan coffee, oh, I smell Colombian coffee” and 8 out of 10 times, I was spot on.

I overcame my addiction when it became my mother’s prayer point and my then colleagues got on my neck about it. They would seize and hide coffee away from me. At times, they would scold me publicly and encourage me to try other healthier options, buy me healthier options, chastise me, beg me etc. Until I was too ashamed to chew coffee. That’s how slowly but surely, I overcame the urge! 

Coffee(the love of coffee) is a great conversation opener in many social gatherings. It’s a permitted sophisticated habit and people somewhat enjoy discussing the blend. Its almost ridiculous really but it’s the truth. In the white colar space, many office dynamics are sometimes formed out of the love for coffee. You would hear conversations like “Do you care for coffee? Oh yes!, really, how do you like your coffee….blablabla”. Please note that this generally applies to coffee drinkers not abusers. People sometimes go on adventures, trainings, networking etc just based on their collective love for coffee. Some of the greatest business deals are done over coffee.

This brings to bear the question, What is your soul coffee? How or what has contributed to the formation of your office dynamics? In every office, there are always like-minds, who hang out together and discuss common issues. What’s the common issue in your “click”? Or gang? Is it progressive? Are you building your empires or pulling others down?

In 2021,  perhaps its time to re-evaluate our friends, clicks, connections, groups, gangs or whatever we choose to call it. Lets endeavor to stick to a productive and beneficial lane. Not all coffee is good and not all coffee is bad, I challenge you to find the right one for your soul.

Have a fulfilling year.

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