Just a short story..

The story is told of a certain Ali Tahir Fadih, who was the ruler of a small poor community in north Africa. They say he was quite a character. He amassed a lot of wealth for himself and family and was very greedy. He would rather throw food away and burn old clothes than give to his community.

He had the largest farm and the biggest cows, horses, donkeys, goats etc in the community. His chickens laid the biggest eggs and he was always throwing a feast for his family and a few close friends.

They say he bought the first car in the community and when he drove by, little kids would run after him and beg for alms.  Of course, he would chase them away and not give them anything. He displayed his wealth without a care for the community and they hated him. The people had no food nor basic amenities while he seemed to have it all.

Every year, Ali changed his car. He would buy a new car in a different colour, just to “rub their face in it”. Soon enough, the villagers got tired and out of frustration, started to stone him. They would throw bricks and stones as he drove by.

Rumour has it that one hunter shot at him once and chattered his windscreen. Ali was furious, so furious that he travelled FAR and bought a glistening black majestic car. The villagers were so awed when he drove by. They had never seen anything so beautiful in their lives. Everyone dropped their stones and stared at this beauty. Ali was so proud and happy, he smirked from inside his car as he drove on.

Suddenly, one hunter shot at the car and everyone screamed but quickly noticed that it had no impact on the car. Then another hunter fired two quick shots and still no impact on the car. Many other hunters took turns firing multiple shots at the car, and still nothing happened. The car remained intact and sparkled even more. Then the hunters got angry and surrounded the car and all fired shots at once. Ali smiled from inside the car and looked on at them. Nothing happened to his car and after a few minutes, the hunters were frustrated and stopped shooting. When Ali noticed that everyone was calm, he gently wound down his car and said, “You idiots, this car is bulletproof”.

He was buried according to Muslim rites a few minutes later.

Lets all make better life choices!

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