Let me cut your lawn

A little boy walked into a pharmacy and asked to borrow a phone. The pharmacist curiously gave him his phone and sat near him to observe and listen to his conversation.

“Excuse me” the boy said into the phone, “can you give me a job cutting your lawn?”

“I already have someone to cut my lawn” the woman on the other end said.

“But I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now” the boy said

“I am very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn” the woman said.

“But I’ll even sweep your curb and sidewalk” the boy said “You’ll have the prettiest lawn in town”

“No, thank you” the woman said. And hung up.

Smiling, the boy hung up and returned the phone to the pharmacist.

The Pharmacist who had listened to the entire conversation said to the boy. “I like your attitude and I like that positive spirit. Would you like a job here?”

“No, thank you.” The boy said.

“But you were just pleading for one”, the pharmacist said.

“No Sir” the boy said. “I was just checking my performance at the job I already have”. “I am the one who is working for the woman I was talking to”

This is what Self Appraisal means!

There are a few salient notes from the story above.

1.Someone is always listening and watching: We sometimes go about our daily lives feeling invincible. But its important to note that someone is quietly consciously or unconsciously, watching our every move. (And forming an opinion).

2.The person watching might be a link to your breakthrough: If you’re always negative, perhaps its time to check yourself. That breakthrough you’ve been seeking, that connection or link you need, may just be staring at your “watcher” but he cant connect the dots because you’re so negative.

3.Can’t put a price tag on quality customer service: Even though the boy offered his service for half the price, she was SO happy with her current service provider that she didn’t even consider it. If you provide GREAT service all the time, nobody can steal your customer.(or your job!).

These are few of the points that immediately jump at me after reading the story. The overall importance of the story however, is to show the value of a honest self appraisal. Every time we think of comparing ourselves to others, we should compare ourselves to ownself instead. Only then can we truly grow as people!

I believe one of the most important steps to take in life is “Honest Self Appraisal.” It is only after self-appraisal of our personal life, business life, or organization, that we can redirect our energies and make the proper changes to design a plan for positive progress. We must understand where we are today and how we got here, if we want to reach the destination of our dreams.

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